New Show: Yakima Light Project Gallery

The Stars Shine for Us5a3b

My first solo show in a few years, “Don’t Dim Your Light” at the Yakima Light Project Gallery made a good impression, I think.  I say “think” not because of dirt low self-esteem, but because I have learned never to assume how others are feeling about my work.  As I said in my interview with Mr Crabby Pants from the Yakima Herald, I hope it was engaging and I hope it help some to think out of their box.  Or, just drive home having the “What was she on?” conversation.  It all works.

My friend Renee made a lovely feather fascinator for my beautifully coiffed hair, courtesy of Sabrina.  My heart was warmed by the amount of friends who not only showed up for me, but decided to spend their hard earned money on a piece of my art.

Thank you, YLP for an amazing night, thank you mom and dad for never missing one of my shows, and thank you to all who came to support me and the arts…

Viva Yakima!