Yakima Light Project Gallery
Opening Reception:
THURSDAY, April 2, 2015
Exhibition Dates: 
April 2, 2015 to June 26, 2015
Yakima Light Project Gallery in the east wing of The Seasons Performance Hall, 101 North Naches Avenue, Yakima, WA
Gallery Hours: 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Noon – 6 p.m. or by appointment.
For More Information:
Yesenia Hunter, Director
James Hunter, Gallery Docent
509.453.1888 ext. 3
Free and open to the public.
The Yakima Light Project Gallery presents: Roz Inga, Don’t Dim Your Light: An Exhibition of Emotive Works to
Inspire the Unique Light in Others, at The Seasons Performance Hall in downtown Yakima, Wash.
About the Exhibition
This will be the first solo, female exhibition for the Yakima Light Project since it opened in March of 2014. This exhibition will feature over 20+ original painting by Roz Inga, as well as her greeting cards and painted chairs.
Who is Roz Inga?
Born on a hop ranch in Washington State, Roz is a third generation artist, who wrote her first novel at the age of twelve. At sixteen years of age, she traveled to South Africa, living there for a year. This experience sparked an interest in the healing arts. Most of her twenties would be spent in Portland, Cannon Beach, and Seattle, working at wellness spas and retreats.
In 2007, at the age of twenty-eight, she began to paint seriously and nurtured a profound body of work. Roz’s natural talent, using a vibrant, emotive palate, won her quick praise. Within months she was scouted to Airfield Winery in Prosser, Washington, where she showed for the first time, as a professional artist. Her work has shown at numerous wineries, galleries, and restaurants in Walla Walla, Tacoma, Olympia, Portland, Seattle and Rockland, Maine. Her work is also in private collections across the nation.
The Paintings in the Exhibition
Inga’s paintings tap into that universal connection shared as human beings; incorporating humor, soulful honesty, and emotional intensity. The painting explode with pattern and color that are compelling and joyous.
“Sometimes, for me, the process of working through a painting can be therapeutic; other times, it is just short of madness. Within our vast, unconscious connection, I know I am always painting something that will resonate with another human being on a deeper level. I paint because there are deeper things, things only ever viewed through the heart, that need to be expressed and felt and shared,” explains Inga.
Roz’s work is a champion of authenticity, encouraging the viewer to shed those outer layers of self-doubt and fear, in order to let that unique, inner light shine. These works are a visual dance, a party, full of joy—original sparks of inspiration to ignite the heart. Roz shares, “I generally paint in one of two very abstract ways: one with bright, saturated colors and bold strokes. The other, a bit dreamy with many subtle layers and mysterious marks.”
The Process
Roz is a writer at heart. Many of her paintings begin with words painted directly onto the canvas—passionate sentiments and inspirations written by the artist. She uses these words as the foundation for the painting that emerges. Inga tells, “The latest (work) begins with a poem or love letter written on the canvas, and I use the words as an outline for the paint. You won’t be able to see the words when the painting is finished, but the essence of its embedded prayer will be with you whenever you view it.” explained Inga.
The letters and words, splayed all over the canvas, form the basis for the design and layout of each painting. Roz layers an abundance of color to the letters and the as she works a painting emerges, using an original literary expression as the framework. Once the painting is completed, the original words are completely hidden and what remains is a visual explosion of beauty.
Print Work
Roz created her first greeting card line, selling wholesale orders to gift shops and galleries around the country.
She gained international recognition in 2012 when thirty of her card designs were picked up by the Australia/New Zealand branch of Hallmark.
She continues to create and sell her greeting cards world wide, having earned what one Australian journalist referred to as a “cult following”
Chairs Too!
Inga’s work is not limited to two dimensions!
She is also noted for using vintage chairs as a canvas for her artistic expression. This exhibit will feature a collection of painted chairs the artist applied paint to the upholstery, creating a three dimensional, useful, functional piece of art.
For More Information: 
Yesenia Hunter, Director