Roz Inga Artist Bio

Born on a hop ranch in Washington State, Roz is a third generation artist who wrote her
first novel at the age of twelve. When she was sixteen, she lived in South Africa for a year which
sparked an interest in the healing arts. Most of her twenties would be spent in Portland, Cannon Beach, and Seattle, working at wellness spas and retreats.

It wasn’t until nine years ago, at the age of twenty-eight, that she began to paint seriously and nurture a body of work. Within months she was scouted to have her first show at Airfield Winery in Prosser, Washington. Since then, she has shown her work at numerous wineries, galleries, and restaurants in Walla Walla, Tacoma, Olympia, Rockland, Maine, Portland, and Seattle. Her work is also in private collections across the nation.

A few years ago, she created her first greeting card line and, after selling wholesale orders to gift shops and galleries around the country, she gained international recognition in 2012 when thirty of her card designs were picked up by the Australia/New Zealand branch of Hallmark. She continues to create and sell her greeting cards world wide, having earned what one Australian journalist referred to as a “cult following”.

In her work, she hopes to tap into that universal connection that we all share as human beings; incorporating humor, soulful honesty, and emotional intensity into all that she does. She continues to be a champion for authenticity, encouraging others to shed those outer layers of self-doubt and fear, in order to let that unique, inner light shine.