Roz Inga Artist Statement

A storyteller at heart, I began painting as a way to prompt the next imaginary world, the next
backdrop to a fairytale. But, somewhere along the way, the paintings began to take on a life of
their own; they began to stare back at me with their own story to tell.

I generally paint in one of three very abstract ways: one with bright, saturated colors and bold strokes. The other, a bit dreamy with many subtle layers and mysterious marks. The latest begins with a poem or love letter written on the canvas, and I use the words as an outline for the paint. You won’t be able to see the words when the painting is finished, but the essence of its embedded prayer will be with you whenever you view it.

Sometimes, for me, the process of working through a painting can be therapeutic; other times, it is just short of madness. Within our vast, unconscious connection, I know I am always painting something that will resonate with another human being on a deeper level. I don’t just paint for myself. I paint because there are deeper things, things only ever viewed through the heart, that need to be expressed and felt and shared.